The biggest mistake i see people making over and over again is using a bleach that is far too strong. On one website i saw a woman suggest someone use a 60vol peroxide to lift black hair. That is a medical grade peroxide, not to mention that anything over 20Vol will blister your scalp, and even a 10Vol will blister your scalp if your prone to a sensitive or itchy scalp. I am only going to say this once. Stronger bleach does not equal better results. This is my hair: my natural colour is a medium mousey blonde.

ice white blonde have a certain amount of time to apply this product so you do need to work fast, and you will probably need to use this over many weeks depending on how much pigment you have to remove. Im not a total arse i have solutions even for those of you who have black hair what you need to remember is that this is a long process and therein we come back to commitment. You need to want white hair so much that you are willing to spend about 500 on products like this over six months if thats what it takes to do it right. Can I bleach now?

When this happens your hair turns to jelly (ever used hair removal cream? Your hair will do the same thing!) and männer you are left with some crappy half eaten baby-shit brown coloured pigment and no hair structure for it to exist inside. You will look like this: and you will be crying. Chances are it wont even be this white when it falls out. I cant stress to you enough not to do this but some of you still will and all I can say to you this this: Nobody likes a brassy blonde nobody likes a brassy blonde with crack whore grade clups missing and fried hair *squinty. So what are your options if you have pre existing pigment? There is a magical product that I personally used and others that are very similar which work in a different way to bleaching. Dont be fooled these products will still damage your hair but not nearly as much. The product i used was called Affinage Eraser. This product is designed to break down artificial pigment leaving only the natural pigments that you have in your hair. If you have bleached your hair previously and you are removing dark pigment used later on, your hair might lift to a revolting orange.

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First of all you need to understand a little about the process behind bleaching, and this will also help you to understand why you simply cant bleach over previous colour. Dyed hair, when you use hair dye to darken your hair it may work differently depending. The type of dye you used and. The level at which the dye worked (permanent, semi permanent etc) Permanent dyes work by not only coating the hair but opening up the cuticle and depositing new pigment into the hair. This does not leave the hair and remains until it has grown out. When attempting to lighten hair that has been coloured continuously with artificial beste dye the bleach must work by oxidizing the pigment within the cuticle and removing. If there has been a large amount of artificial pigment placed around and within the hair then the bleach will often destroy the cuticle before it even gets through the entirety of the artificial pigment inside.

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I tell all of my clients that first and foremost is moisture, moisture, moisture! To get this sleek style, its best to use a vent brush such as a sassoon or a denman. Pearly Platinum Blonde, style by jen Ferguson, hairstylist @ Lunatic Fringe parleys way in Salt lake city,. This look is a pearly platinum blonde. I love that its white blonde, but not icy white. Its white with just the perfect glimmer of color in the sun. Id recommend using a purple shampoo once a week to keep the hair bright and pearl. I love kérastase Thérapiste shampoo and conditioner to maintain moisture and strength, kérastase masque thérapiste once a week for an intense dose of moisture and strength, and Ciment Thermique, serum Thérapiste and touch Perfection (all by kérastase) to repair the hair as you style.

ice white blonde

They want the grow out to be nice and natural looking in order to require less root touch-ups. This hair color doesnt require as much maintenance as a full haar head color, but it does require a toner refresh. How often you refresh depends on how often the client shampoos as well as how much yellow under pigment there. To help combat the yellow tones, the client can use a purple-based shampoo at home. Also, because of the damage that bleach can cause the hair, it is imperative to use a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. I would highly recommend doing a deep conditioning treatment once a week as well. I love olaplex — i call it youth in a bottle!

It makes over-worked, processed hair feel like it did when we were young — strong, smooth and shiny! Zero-Elevation Icy bob, style by jessica leigh, stylist @ mcn salon in Pittsburgh,. This is a platinum hue on a zero elevation bob with a softened edge. . I am obsessed with the simplicity of a bob and Im a sucker for straight lines. I like to use a moisturizing blow dry serum like bumble and bumble All Style Blow Dry or Kerastase lincroyable Blowdry for a smooth look. This color really looks enticing on fair skin with a pink undertone. The haircut can be customized for anyone and any face shape.

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Your hair is your most valuable asset, so dont be afraid to invest in it! Lived-in Platinum, style by, maureen Mceachern, hairstylist  Owner of Westward hair Affair in Manitoba, canada. I would describe this look as a lived-in icy blonde. The blonde is heavy on the bottom and gradually fades off into the root area, giving it a cool shadow root for a really lived-in feel. This look is perfect for the person who wants to see a lot of blonde, but doesnt want the maintenance of heavily highlighted hair or an all over blonde.

Which products would you recommend for this look? I would recommend a very good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, like joico color Therapy. I would also recommend Unite Blonda shampoo and conditioner which is a purple-based product to use once or twice a week to help maintain the icy tones of this color. For styling I would recommend Unite boosta spray for volume. It is perfect for fine hair like hers as it is not too heavy. A heat protector like brocatos 7 Seconds before using curling iron is a must, and Unite u-oil will help add shine and smooth frizz. The best skin tone to pull off this light and ashy shade of blonde is cool toned skin (in that has a pink or blue undertone). Usually, they were very pale blonde as children or their natural hair color is ashy. When requesting this hair color, the client should tell the stylist that they want to see lots of pale ashy blonde, but that they want less in the root area (a shadow root).

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The most important thing to remember is that this process takes time. You have to be patient! You also need to understand that the lightening process compromises the health of the hair the more we have to lighten. It is really like your anti hair getting sunburned. How you take care of your hair after this color process is crucial. I recommend sleeping with a mask on your hair once a week. Using Oribe gold Lust Mask and bond multipliers like olaplex are great ways to keep your hair healthy and bright.

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This is a dimensional icy beste blonde with dark roots. I love how bright it is while still looking natural. Its perfect for the girl who wants to be platinum, but doesnt want the commitment of having to come into the salon every three weeks for maintenance. Which skin tones and hair types can pull off this color/style combo best? This hue is ideal for anyone with pink undertones. Fair skin, neutral skin tones, or even beige skin tones work best. Anyone with bright cool eyes will also be flattered by this color. This is the perfect color for the girl who wants to be current with the latest trends. What is your best tip in regards to recreating/maintaining this look?

Icy blondes look good on just about anyone! The best part is that it is still considered a natural color, so even someone in a profession where you have to maintain a natural-looking hair color can enjoy this icy white. Whats your best tip for someone whos considering this look or already has it? For anyone considering this look, i would recommend you find the right stylist that is willing to work with you during the lightening droogshampoo process. Hair this color usually isnt achieved in one session unless the hair is already blonde. It is important to remain patient during the lightening process to maintain the health and integrity of your hair. This look is definitely achievable for anyone! California blonde with Dark roots, q A with style creator lj sharman. Hairstylist @ headlines The salon in San diego,.

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Dimensional Platinum Blonde, q A with style creator Lola Prism. Stylist @ Kut haus Claremont in Claremont, california. How would you describe this look and whats your favorite thing about it? This is an icy dimensional blonde. It is the result of the second session of a color correction, so its still a work in progress! Which products would you recommend to help create and maintain this look? I love the Igora color line by Schwarzkopf, and I would recommend Fanola no yellow Shampoo to maintain the icy effect. What type of person would this look work best for? I think this haircut and color combination specifically can look good on anyone, its just keratin a matter of loving what you see and knowing you look good.

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