If you want to keep your hair long, go for shaggy layers to elongate your neck and offset the roundness of your face. The best way to style your hair is in soft waves. Just wrap large sections of your hair around a large curling iron to achieve this look. So, without further ado, lets dive into what youre really here for the best short hairstyles to rock with your round face! 20 Superb Short hairstyles for round Faces. Balayage long Bob, shutterstock, queen of Twitter Chrissy teigen is a fashion and style icon, to say the least. So, of course, you need to take hair inspiration from her! This long bob that sits just at her shoulders and is parted on one side makes her look like the diva that she.

bob hairstyles for round faces mind the next time you go in for your hair appointment. Updo hairstyles like top knots and buns go well with round face shape as they add length to your face. If bangs are what you want, then go for layered bangs instead of ones that are straight or blunt cut. When going for a short curly hairstyle for your round face, make sure to concentrate the curls near your crown instead of your cheeks.

Just keep reading to find out how. How to determine That you have a round Face. Theres a little more to claiming that you have a round face than just having full cheeks. You need to determine the exact dimensions of your face before being sure that you have a round face shape. Just bust out that measuring tape and follow adidas the simple steps given below to do exactly that! Measure your face across the top of your cheekbones, a little under your eyes. Measure across the widest points of your jawline. Measure the length of your face from the centerpoint of your forehead to the tip of your chin. If the width of your cheekbones, jawline, and the length of your face (the difference of a few millimeters here and there does not matter) are roughly the same, then you have a round face. Now that you know for sure that you know for sure you have a round face, here are a few tips and tricks that you need to keep in mind when youre styling your hair! Tips And Tricks For Short hairstyles For round Faces.

bob hairstyles for round faces

Bob, hairstyles, for Women With, round, faces

20 Stunning Short hairstyles For round Faces. Arshiya syeda, february 19, 2018, have you been called baby face and have had your cheeks pulled by everyone around you your whole life? Then, chances are that you have a round face shape. Chances also are that you were told to keep your hair long to make your face look, well, less round. But dandruff its time that you broke that rule and rocked a chic short haircut in all its glory! Here are 20 stunning short hairstyles for round faces. But before you did that, its best that you determined if you actually have a round face!

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You can make a lob work for many different people, but I find the long drop of length perfect for balancing out roundness in the face. The long length with fewer layers can make a round face shape seem like more of an oval. This haircut styles very nicely, but is also perfect for someone with an active lifestyle that still needs to throw their hair in a ponytail every now and then as the longer length in the back still reaches far enough to fit in a hair. Textured layers for a chubby face q a with style creator, hannah Gibson Balayage and Color Specialist / hairstylist @ Alexanders Grand Salon in Anaheim, ca how would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it? This look is a long bob or lob with textured layers. The shape is slightly shorter in the back which maintains length around the face and creates a soft shape that flatters every face shape. The thing i absolutely love about this look is the versatility of styling it straight or curly, sleek or voluminous.

bob hairstyles for round faces

I would describe the lob as a shopping medium length (anywhere from a bit above the shoulders to around the collarbone) type of haircut. My lobs are typically a bit shorter in the back, but not a drastic difference in length from back to front, just enough to give it the right shape. I usually dont have very many traditional layers on the outside of the hair but have a lot of internal layering and texture through the inside of the haircut to give it proper balance and shape. They leave a long veil of hair to give it the look of one solid length but minimize the bulk through the bottom. My favorite thing about the lob haircut is that it is that you an make it work for anyone! Varying lengths and a few well-placed face framing layers can balance any face shape and create a totally different look for each individual client. For this look, i used all davines products.

I started with the oi milk to detangle and add shine and softness to the hair, then Melu heat Shield as a heat protectant for the blow dryer and flat iron. Then, i used This Is An Oil Non Oil on her ends to keep them from getting too frizzy during the blow dry process. I blow dried her hair brushing it in every direction to give more volume at the root, then found her natural part off to the side and started to curl. I used my flat iron to curl her hair, taking large sections and pulling the curl through, leaving out the last inch or two of hair and alternating the direction of the curl to give it more of an undone look. I let her hair set in the curl for a minute or two and then roughed her hair up with This Is a dry texturizer. To finish this look off with more of a disheveled look, i ran my fingers through while lifting and spraying the product.

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Hairstylist / make-up Artist @ Megan diez salon in Greenville,. Just to clarify for all you ladies out there, this is not a mom haircut. Dont let the stereotype give you any sort of complex! Its actually very on trend right now. Many bloggers and celebrities have been going with the shorter styles recently. I love this look because you can wear it straight or with beachy waves and you always look polished and put together!

With this client, i used kevin Murphys Bedroom. It doubles as a finishing spray and adds texture. For her waves, i curled the hair in sections with a 1-inch curling iron, directing the hair away from her face. Once the curls cooled, i used a wide tooth comb to rake through the hair and then sprayed Bedroom. I think any woman could pull this off by keeping the length below the chin. If you have fine hair, keep it more on the sleek structured side. Medium to thick hair tends to do better with added texture and weight removed in key areas. Balanced Lob, q A with style creator, Elizabeth Schalko. Red seal hairstylist / Manager @ head to toe in Whitehorse, yukon.

Bob hairstyles for round Faces

Hair Colorist / Stylist @ Fringe salon in Venice beach,. This is for a girl who wants full yet bouncy long hair while still looking professional. I recommend thickening mouse by bumble bumble for body and thickness. This look is ideal for medium textured hair and for someone who wants professional looking longer hair for styling long curls and or a voluminous blowout. Her lifestyle is relaxed, but this look can still be put together with a lovely iron work or a good blowout. This look is elegant and effortless beauty. Neck machine length Choppy bob, q A with style creator, summer Morgan.

bob hairstyles for round faces

Short layered, bob hairstyles for round Faces, short

I love vitamine the collarbone-length. The collarbone is such a feminine feature on a womans body and I love drawing attention. I used a lightweight moisturizing styling cream for her blow dry. I finished with a lightweight hairspray and a texturing spray for an effortless, lived-in look. I recommend this look for everyone! Its such a flattering length for any face shape. It works well for ladies that air dry their hair, as well as for ladies that style daily. Bouncy long hair, q A with style creator, sally Nguyen.

What type of bepaalde client would you recommend this look for? I especially love this look because it is so universal on any hair types such as fine or thick hair, short or long, straight and wavy. Anyone who likes low maintenance styling will enjoy being able to embrace natural texture with minimal products. This look is suitable for all face shapes, making it easy for anyone to use as their go-to look for special occasions or an everyday style. Collarbone-length Middle part, q A with style creator, katy McElroy. Stylist raven Row Salon in Austin, tx, how would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it? This is a textured, collarbone-length haircut.

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Medium-Length waves, q A with style creator, nicole barrera. Junior Stylist @ Sereni salon in Hudson,. How would you describe this products look and what is your favorite thing about it? I describe this look as naturally tousled medium-length wavy hair with a lived-in style. My favorite thing about this look is that it embraces the hairs natural wave and texture making it an effortless everyday style. What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look? I recommend using avedas new Texture tonic Spray that is made with a blend of salt and cane sugar to give your hair a soft, touchable wave. It can be sprayed into the hair wet or dry and scrunched to bring out natural curl or help to create beachy waves with freshly curled hair. I also like to finish with avedas Shampure dry shampoo to add texture for an extra tousled, undone look.

Bob hairstyles for round faces
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