Three major contributors to the development of this system, jiao shunfa, fang Yunpeng, and Tang Songyan, each proposed different diagrams and groupings of scalp acupuncture points. . For example, jiao divided the scalp points into motor and sensory areas, fang into writing (speech) and reading (memory) centers, and Tang into upper, middle, and lower burner areas. . several different methods of needling were proposed. . jiao advocated rapid twirling with penetrating and transverse needling; Fang favored the slight twirling method and oblique needling; while tang recommended long-duration needle retention with superficial stimulation of the needles, using the lifting and thrusting method. Thus, scalp acupuncture is not really a single system, but a multiplicity of systems still in development, with a 30-year history of practical experience. . A standard of nomenclature for acupuncture points has been developed (adopted in 1984 and reconfirmed in 1989 indicating 14 therapeutic lines or zones based on a combination of the thoughts of the different schools of scalp acupuncture. . However, it is often necessary to carefully review the zones relied upon by an individual practitioner, as few have adopted the unified pattern. As lu states in his article, professor Zhu mingqing (who had been associate professor at Lus department in beijing before emigrating to the.

acupuncture points for baldness below the knee) plus the back shu points, which are each located in the vicinity of one of the internal. According to the theory of channels and collaterals, shu points in the head can be used to treat diseases of the whole body. Lu claims that more than 80 diseases are currently treated by this therapeutic method, which is particularly effective in treating disorders of the central nervous system and various acute and chronic pain syndromes. . he mentions specific examples: neurasthenia, anxiety neurosis, and other psychological and psychosomatic disorders, periarthritis of the shoulders, ischialgia, pain in the back and loin, painful heels, and other pain syndromes, hemiplegia, aphasia, senile dementia, and other brain disorders. During the 1970s, scalp acupuncture was developed as a complete acupuncture system. .

The zones include a few standard acupuncture points, but the beach treatment principle for point selection is usually not based on the traditional indication for the point or associated meridian. . In general, within a defined zone, the forward part of the zone (nearer the face) is used to treat the upper body, while the rear portion of the zone is used to treat the lower body. . Functional zones, such as sensory, memory, and motor, are usually located at the back and sides of the scalp. In scalp acupuncture, the needles are to be inserted within a thin layer of loose tissue beneath the scalp surface, at a low angle of about 1530 degrees, involving an insertion distance of about 1 cun the cun is a variable unit of measure based. Standard acupuncture of scalp points normally involves subcutaneous insertion up to a depth 1/2 cun or less (about.30.5 inches for an adult) at a high angle of 6090 degrees. For scalp acupuncture, the needles are to be subjected to rapid stimulation, which may be carried out in a variety of ways, including pulling/thrusting, twirling, and electro-stimulation. . Standard acupuncture applied to scalp points usually involves less rapid stimulation or moxibustion as the main stimulation technique. When using manual manipulation in modern scalp acupuncture, it is common to stimulate the needles for 23 minutes at a time, with a rest period of 510 minutes between stimulations. The fundamentals of scalp acupuncture therapy were reviewed by lu shoukang, of the beijing College of Acupuncture, moxibustion, Orthopedics, and Traumatology, in the. Journal of Traditional Chinese medicine (1). . According to this review, the technique is predominantly a small-needle therapy in which shu points in the scalp are treated.

acupuncture points for baldness

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Synopsis of scalp cranberry acupuncture by subhuti Dharmananda,. And Edythe vickers,. D.,., Institute for Traditional Medicine, portland,. The nature of scalp acupuncture, scalp acupuncture is one of several specialized acupuncture techniques with a specific body location, taking its place alongside ear, nose, hand, foot, and wrist/ankle acupuncture. . The more general acupuncture therapy is often called body acupuncture. Although the scalp has numerous traditionally-identified acupuncture points along several of the major meridians (notably the stomach, bladder, gallbladder, triple burner, and governing breda vessel modern scalp acupuncture differs from traditional acupuncture therapy. . There are three basic features of scalp acupuncture that differentiate it from body acupuncture:. . Treatment zones have been mapped onto the scalp that are associated with body functions and broad body regions.

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acupuncture points for baldness

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Acupuncture points for baldness
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