# Default: serve sources serve anches # everyone is denied to the frozen branch: frozen-branch * # A bad user is denied on all branches: * bad-user anches # A few users are allowed on branch-a: branch-a user-1, user-2, user-3 # Only one user. If a match is found, low is not # checked. All users are granted access if ny is not present. # Format for both lists: glob pattern user,., @group. # to match everyone, use an asterisk for the user: # my/glob/pattern * # user6 will not have write access to any file: * user6 # Group "hg-denied" will not have write access to any file: * @hg-denied # Nobody will be able to change. Txt despite # everyone being able to change all other files. low # if low is not present, all users are allowed by default # empty low no users allowed # User "doc_writer" has write access to any file under the "docs" # folder: docs doc_writer # User "jack" and group "designers" have write access. See ny src/main/resources *.hgtags release_engineer Examples using the "!" prefix Suppose there's a branch that only a given user (or group) should be able to push to, and you don't want to restrict access to any other branch that may be created.

hg cleaning range Example configuration hooks # Use this if you want to check access restrictions at commit time l python:l.hook # Use this if you want to check access restrictions for pull, push, # bundle and serve. L python:l.hook acl # Allow or deny access for incoming changes only if their source is # listed here, let them pass otherwise. Source is "serve" for all # remote access (http or ssh "push "pull" or "bundle" when the # related commands are run locally.

Deny list for paths (section ny). Allow list for paths (section low). The allow and deny sections take key-value pairs. Branch-based Access Control, use the anches and anches sections to have branch-based access control. Keys in these sections can be either: a branch name, or an asterisk, to match any branch; The corresponding values shovel can be either: a comma-separated list containing users and groups, or an asterisk, to match anyone; you can add the "!" prefix to a user. Path-based Access Control, use the ny and low sections to have path-based access control. Keys in these sections accept a subtree pattern (with a glob syntax by default). The corresponding values follow the same syntax as the other sections above. Group names must black be prefixed with an @ symbol. Specifying a group name has the same effect as specifying all the users in that group.

hg cleaning range

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This section contains help for extensions that are distributed together with Mercurial. Help for other extensions is available in the help system. Hooks for controlling repository access, this hook makes it possible to allow or deny write access to given branches and paths of a repository when receiving incoming changesets via pretxnchangegroup and pretxncommit. The authorization is matched based on the local user name on the system where the hook runs, and not machine the committer of the original changeset (since the latter is merely informative). The acl hook is best used along with a restricted shell like hgsh, preventing authenticating users from doing anything other than pushing or pulling. The hook is not safe to use if users have interactive shell access, as they can then disable the hook. Nor is it safe if remote users share an account, because then there is no way to distinguish them. The order in which access checks are performed is: Deny list for branches (section anches). Allow list for branches (section anches).

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Hg cleaning range
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